Good tax planning is an essential part of life for anyone in business. Good advice can save you money. We can offer the following taxation services in the Meath, Dublin, Kildare and Louth areas:

Taxation Services

Income Tax: Submission of Income Tax Returns, and payment of tax in respect of sole traders, partnerships, directors, employees.
Corporation Tax: Submission of Corporation Tax Returns and payment of tax.
Value Added Tax: Preparation of bi-monthly and/or annual VAT Returns.
PAYE/PRSI: Dealing with monthly (P30’s) and/or annual (P35), PAYE/PRSI Returns and all associated documentation, including Forms 12A, Forms P60, Forms P45 and Tax Credit Certificates.
Capital Gains Tax: Preparation of CGT computations.
Capital Acquisitions Tax: Dealing with all Gift and Inheritance Tax Returns and Computations.
Relevant Contracts Tax: Dealing with or providing assistance with the preparation of all RCT documentation including the annual Form RCT35 Return and issues such as the C2 Application.

Tax Planning

Tax planning is a vital ingredient to all businesses and to private individuals alike. At some stage, we are all faced with a situation where it may be desirable to minimise the potential overall tax liability arising.

The following list sets out a few situations where tax planning is usually availed of:

  • Structuring a termination package to obtain maximum tax free lump sum.
  • Review of a proposed disposal to establish and minimise the ultimate CGT.
  • Establishing and minimising the potential VAT problems associated with property transactions.
  • Advise of tax effective investments e.g. S23 Properties, BES, Film Investment etc.
  • Extracting of funds from the company in the most tax efficient manner.